Second Floor Only


Grapes on the Vine
Shack in Rechovot
Post Rain Haze
The Galilee in Fog Before Sunset
Shoe Guy on Yaffo


Berries on a Hike
Amphiteater in Caesaria
Red Spice Mountains
Fish Heads
Footsteps in the Sand
Roman Bathhouse Mosaic
Blue Glass Globe
Sabra Cactus
Feeding the Parrot
Spider Webs
Old Hillside Ruins
Street Artist in a Haifa Park
Tiger Stare
Red and Yellow Flowers
Embroidered Sheet on Ben Yehudah
Waves Breaking by Tel Aviv
Sunflower Crop
Israeli Flag in Jaffa Gate
Satellite Station in Emek ha'Alah
Shofars on Ben Yehuda
Almond Tree Blossoming
Old City Mezuzah
Prickly and Fluffy Flowers
Mayanot Hike
Beit haMikdash Van
Snake on a Poll
Alley off Agripas
Empty Shuk
Flowers in Rechovot
Soldiers by the Kotel
Picnic Table
Mid-Season Vines
Snow Berries
Fruit in Rechovot


Hills of Benjamin
Old Man Smoking
Sunlight Over Rechavia
Forgotten Archway
The Happy Painter
Yellow Prickly Flower
Branches on Rocks